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Working with Horn Products

Once the horn is collected they are kept in the open for seasoning. After seasoning, cleaning and washing process start to get finest quality of Buffalo Horn. Then the processing will start as per buyers need. Wide variety of articles are made from horn. These include Knife Handles Scales, Button, Horn Blanks, horn Toggles, Horn Buckles, Plates for Spectacle Frames, Horn Temples, Furniture Inlay, Spoons, Bow, Boxes, Photo Frames, Drinking Horns, Finished Horn, Horn Handcrafted.

Since buffalo horn is considered to be quite strong material, many people prefer using spectacle frames, made from horns, Hence we are also manufacturing buffalo horn plates in various sizes in all colours as provided by the nature from solid tip as well as from hollow portion.

We also provide Buffalo Horn, Cow Horn & Bone Plates (Natural Horn Spectacle Plates Etc...) which are manufactured according to Customers Specifications, Buffalo Horn Spectacle plate for Frames(Seal) Rolls & Scales are also manufactured according to customers specifications.

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